Ilona Timchenko

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Contestant 21 Russian super-talent Ilona Timchenko is no stranger to piano competitions, having won numerous International ones already.

Crimea-born Ilona Timchenko won 1st Prize at the 3rd Abstract Securities Landor Competition, where she also landed a contract with Landor Records. Her first CD on their label came out in 2009 and was selected for one of the inaugural “Outstanding” accolades in International Record Review in January.

In total Ilona has won 20 prizes at International Competitions, among them 7 First Prizes.

In April 2010 Ilona made her debut at Unione Musicale, one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe, alongside Zimmerman, Perahia, Sokolov and Pierre Aimard. Since then, she has travelled the World performing at some of the greatest concert halls.

Timchenko regularly appears with master classes in France, Holland, Russia and Spain. In 2011 she was invited to lead the piano enhancement course in “EAEM High School” in Santiago de Compostela, and currently Timchenko is leading an International Festival “Peregrinos Musicales” which will take place in September 2011.

Timchenko performing Brahm’s “Paganini Variations Op. 35 (Book 1)” at Unione Musicale in Alba, Italy.

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