Bjorunn Zhuomin Zang

    Bjorunn Zhuomin Zang was born in Yangzhou, a famous cultural city with more than 2500 years history in China. Bjorunn started to play Guzheng in 1985 and won many rewards in regional and national musical instrument competitions in 1980s and 1990s.

    In 2004, Bjorunn immigrated to Singapore with her family. She made great efforts to promote traditional Chinese music and culture in Singapore. She once held a successful Guzheng concert in National University of Singapore in 2005 and attended lots of musical performances and lectures in communities. From 2005, Bjorunn showed great interests to Guqin, a traditional musical instrument with 3000 years history and the Intangible Culture Heritage awarded by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2003.

    After getting her Master Degree in Music Education (Guqin) in 2015, Bjorunn founded Zhuomin Guqin Education Center, aiming to spread the Qin culture in and out of China. Now, she is making her Ph.D research in Nanjing University of Arts (China). Her research interests are Aesthetics of Traditional Chinese Music, Music Aesthetics in Taoist and Zen and Teaching Method of Guqin as a Taoist Tool.