Vladimir Sverdlov was the first man out

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The competition started at 10.30 this Sunday morning, and the first contestant out was Vladimir Sverdlov -an amazing pianist who is also a well known poet, actor and composer. The order for the rest of the day is as follows:



11.00 Scipione Sangiovanni

11.30 Yaron Kohlberg

12.00 Yevgen Ukhanov

13.30 Slava Sidorenko

14.00 Irina Zahharenkova

14.30 Evelina Puzaite

15.30 Jean-Philippe Sylvestre

16.00 Jie Zhang

16.30 Julia Dahlkvist

17.30 Sanae Yoshida Mæland

18.00 Mariya Kim

All the concerts are at Musikkonservatoriet, or you can follow it live by going to “live stream” on this site.

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