Contestant 7: Yurino Izumi

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Yurino IzumiYurino Izumi epitomizes the new wave of Japanese pianists – self-confident, cool and blessed with a phenomenal talent.

She started competing from the age of 7, and has raked in several first prizes in the PTNA (Piano Teachers’ National Association) competitions in Japan before she turned 19. At 11, she also won First Prize at the All Japan Student Music Competition. The following year, she won the Second Prize at the same competition in the part of junior high school.

She started gaining international recognition from the age of 13, when she received the Prize of Encouragement at the International Youth Piano Competition at Ettlingen in Germany. Three years later, she won Third Prize at the prestigious Jr. Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition in USA.

In 2001, she was picked to play in the the series of “Teenagers Musicians Vol.12”, and followed that up by participating at the International Music Festival at Aubers-sur-Oise in France.

Besides touring her home country, Yurino has toured Slovakia, Italy, France, Portugal, USA, Austria and Hungary. In 2002, she won the First Prize, Prize for the Youngest Player and Prize for the Best Player of the Contemporary Composition at the 19th Porto City International Competition.

In 2004, she performed at the 3rd Music Festival at Fuji-Yoshida in Japan, and in 2006, she got the Special Prize of Adjudicators & Observers at the 1st Takamatsu International Piano Competition.

Izumi has performed with numerous orchestras, including Kanagawa Phileharmony Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Krakow Chamber Symphony Orchestra, Zilina Chamber Orchestra, Porto City Symphony Orchestra and New Japan Philharmonic.

She has studied with Eguchi Fumiko, Urakabe Shinji, Esaki Mitsuyo, Ito Kei, and at The Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris from 2002 to 2007 with Dominique Geoffroy.

Here is a live clip where Yurino Izumi plays Turkish March.

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