Ready for the grand finale with KORK

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If anyone should get credit for having gone all out to try and break new ground as a classical orchestra, it is KORK (Kringkastingsorkesteret), whose performance with rock, jazz, rap and even death metal groups have made them extremely popular around the World.

A record sale of several hundred thousand in recent years firmly proves their status, and the way they have been adapting to modern times. It is funny, though, that 60 years ago, the same orchestra kept the streets empty every time they played for the radio programme “Meloditimen”.

Since then, they have played everything from Mozart and Beethoven to Arne Nordheim and Luigi Nono. And their versatility is shown as they play at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, broadcasted to millions of people around the globe,

The younger listeners have probably got to know them through concerts and recordings with the rock orchestra Vamp, the jazz group Farmers Market or the hip hop group Paperboys. But to every Norwegian KORK is an institution – that in people’s minds stand for quality and excitement.

Only last month KORK performed to a crowd of 10.000 at Spektrum, in a collaboration with the World’s most famous death metal group, Dimmu Borgir. There’s not many other orchestras who would have taken on such a task.

And there is hardly another orchestra in the World that has been more multi-medial. With CDs, LPs, radio, TV, books and internet, KORK seem to have covered pretty much everything possible. In the same way as they have musically.

At Top of the World International Piano Competition KORK will be performing with the finalists. The day after the event KORK and the Winner of the competition will also be performing at Festspillene in Harstad.

The concert takes place at Kulturhuset Friday 24th June at 19.30

Just a video example of one of the many weird experiments KORK have been part of – here they are together with Hovedøen Social Club, giving Sugarplum Fairy from Nutcracker a Cuban treatment.

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