Dmitry ShishkinRussia

    Dmitry Shishkin was born in Chelyabinsk 1992. Only a year and a half of age, he played the first pieces of music, and when he was three years old, Dmitriy put on his first concert, and at the age of six he was performing with an orchestra!

    In 2000 he wins in the “Young Talent” nomination. And 2001 he enters Moscow special music school of Gnesin. In 2010 he entered Moscow Conservatory.

    Being a student, Dmitry won and took part in multiple music contests and festivals like Chopin International Piano Competition (VI prize, Warsaw, 2015) Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition (Moscow, 2015) and
    Queen Elizabeth International Piano Competition (Belgium, 2016).  And he performs with leading Russian and European orchestras.

    Dmitry combines studies with classic concert performances in Moscow, other Russian cities and abroad. Today Dmitriy is not only a masterful musician, he is a talented composer as well.

    Russian and foreign press single out his bright creative individuality and his brilliant piano skills that were the topic of numerous articles and telecasts.