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The 4th Top of the World Piano Competition 2015 is now open for applications. The deadline for applying is 21 February 2015. Make sure you read the competition rules before applying. The rules you find underneath.  To apply for Top of the World 2015, just click here.


Rules and procedures for the 4thTop of the World International Piano Competition 2015

These rules and procedures regulate all matters pertaining to applications, auditions, repertory requirements, calendar, scheduling, and operation of the competition.


The 4th Top of the World International Piano Competition 2015 is open to pianists of any nationality, born between 01.01.1980 – 01.01.1998. Former prize winners of the Top of the World International PianoCompetition are ineligible for participation. Pianists who within the last five years have studied on a regular basis with any member of the 2015 International Jury, or who are close relatives of a jury member, will be ineligible for participation. However, this does not pertain to the situations that members of the International Jury may be acquainted with some participants in the competition because of past associations (for example, previous competitions, music festivals or master classes).

Screening Procedure

Each applicant submits a recording of a work by W.A.Mozart or J.Haydn and a romantic work from the 19th century (including Scriabin and Rachmaninov). A national jury chooses 24 contestants to be invited to the competition’s live rounds in Tromsø, Norway.

The invited contestants must be present to draw his/her number which will determine the order of performance. This procedure will be held 13 June 2015 after the opening concert in the evening. Failure to be present at the draw will lead to disqualification from the competition. The contestants will keep their number throughout the competition. Contestants must be available to participate in all stages of the Competition up to and including 20 June 2015.

Competition Repertory

First round with 24 contestants: Free choice of pieces maximum total playing time of 30 min.

Semifinal with 12 contestants: Free choice of pieces maximum total playing time of 55 min.

Finale with 3 contestants: One of two submitted concertoes with orchestral accompaniment chosen from this list:

  • Beethoven No 3, 4, 5
  • Brahms No 1
  • Chopin No 1,2
  • Grieg a-minor
  • Liszt No 1,2
  • Prokofiev No 2, 3
  • Rachmaninov No 2, 3
  • Ravel G-Major
  • Schumann a-minor
  • Tsjaikovskij No 1

The Winner of Top of the World 2015, will also get to play the Opening Concert at Festspillene i Nord-Norge in Harstad.

Practical information

Invited contestants will be provided with free hotel accommodation in Tromsø for the whole period of the competition even if they fail to qualify for the second or final rounds.


Invited contestants must book and pay their own travel to and from Tromsø.


The Top of the World International Piano Competition reserves the right to authorise sound and film recordings of the Competition. The TWIPC also reserves the right to stream the live rounds. TWIPC will hold the copyright to any such recordings.


The application fee is $150 which is paid using the Apply Payment in the Application Form. The applicant will be accepted officially as a contestant when the Competition receives this fee.



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