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The 3rd Top of the World International Piano Competition,

will take place in Tromsø June 16-21, 2013

The competition is open to pianists off all nationalities born between January 1st 1978 and January 1st 1996.

The competition consists of three rounds: First round, a programme of 25-30 minutes. Semi finals, a programme of 50-55 minutes. Finals, Piano concerto with orchestra.

All rounds are open to the public, and no changes in the submitted programme will be accepted.

Order of performance in the competition will be determined by drawing of lots on Saturday June 15th 2013 at 8 pm. All contestants need to present.

All finalists will be awarded cash prizes

1st prize € 30.000
2nd prize € 20.000
3rd prize € 10.000

All decisions by the Jury will be final and beyond appeal. In the event of any recordings during the competition, the contestants shall renounce all claims and fees. All rights belong to Top of the World International Piano Competition.

Documents to send with the application
–  Copy of an official document (ID-card, passport)

–  Copy of certificate of studies

–  Curriculum vitae

–  Two recent, glossy photographs, in formal attire suitable for publication.
Photos should be no smaller than 5 by 7 inches (12 by 17 cm)

–  CD or DVD presenting a high quality recording and certificate identifying the performer. The recording should present a 25-30 minute programme, including a work by Haydn or Mozart (Variations, Fantasia, Rondos or Sonata) and a romantic work from the 19th century (including Rachmaninov and Scriabin).

Acceptance of contestants by May 1st 2013
Contestants will be informed of their acceptance after a preselection based on the recordings and documents. The list of accepted participants will be posted on a website. Each selected participant will be informed directly.

Timing of programme in the contest

First round       25-30 minutes free repertoire

Second round  50-55 minutes free repertoire

Finals                 Piano concerto with orchestra (concertos will be announced on Oktober 1st)

The contestants should state fairly accurate timings of their repertoire. In case the jury would have doubt about the duration of the contestant’s programme, the jury reserves the right to discuss with the contestant to make a selection or to suggest a certain order of the works while the chairman of the jury still reserves the right to interrupt the performance should it be considered necessary.

Deadline for sending application documents
February 15th 2013 (postmark is definitive)

 To sum it up
–  A non-refundable fee of 100 Euro must be paid along with the application to Sparebank1 Nord-Norge:

–  IBAN NO27 / 4750.21.81021 / BIC SNOW NO22

–  Expenses connected with the money transfer are to be paid by the applicant

–  Indicate the name and address of the bank where the transfer is made from

–  Document, CD and fee once received will not returned

Applicants are strongly advised to send their application by air mail, and directly to the following address: 

Top of the World International Piano Competition,
c/o Tori Stødle, P.O.Box 1295,N-9263 Tromsø, Norway


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