Vladimir Sverdlov

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Contestant 19 Vladimir Sverdlov is one of the most diverse artists of his generation. Not only an international prize winner in major piano competitions, he is also a well respected composer, poet and actor.

Sverdlov was born in Moscow in 1976, into a family with long traditions of great artists. His grandfather, David Aschkenazy, a composer, pianist and accompanist, was a great influence in Vladimir’s formative years. Vladimir’s first compositions were also produced under the guidance of his grandfather.

Sverdlov early showed promise, winning  the “Grand Prize” of all the national music schools at the age of 14. Two years later he makes his first Germany tour with the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra. At 17, he wins the International piano Competition in Italy, “Citta de Senigalia”, and the following year he starts studying in Hannover, Germany, under the guidance of Ari Vardi.

In 1999 Vladimir causes a commotion, refusing to greet the jury, despite winning a Prize, at “Queen Elizabeth International Piano Competition” in Brussels. Some applauded his courage and others were shocked by his attitude, but nonetheless Vladimir receives offers and contracts from around the world. He makes his first recording of Chopin for the Cypress label and performs with major orchestras internationally.

In 2004, he creates his own company, “Arts Production Company” organizing cultural events in the Benelux countries, and in 2006 he wins the prestigious “Monte Carlo Masters”(Concour des Concours) competition, receiving the prize personally from Prince Albert of Monaco.

In 2008 Sverdlov decides to go back to his passion of composition and poetry, and combines his recitals with his own compositions and recitations. In March, 2009, he performs in the “Salle Gaveau”, Paris, six of his new works and recites Poushkin in French and Russian, from the work of Marina Tsvetaeva. Vladimir is now recognized as one of the most important actual composers, producing piano, chamber music, theatre and for film and motion picture industry, and his first book of poems will be released this year.

Here’s Vladimir Sverdlov playing Chopin’s Piano Concerto in F minor.

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